Ultrasound Skin Tightening

Ultrasound Skin Tightening


Ultrasound Skin Tightening

It is a very effective, non-invasive, and painless method of skin rejuvenation and stimulation!

The ultrasound energy generates a thermal effect that triggers the skin to undergo a regenerative process that stimulates the production of new and fresh collagen. It can help improve neck and facial skin, smooth lines and wrinkles, and reduce the look of jowls. Some ultrasound devices can also destroy fat cells to contour and tighten the area.

What is ultrasound treatment?

Ultrasound is a mechanical vibration with a frequency that is not heard by the human ear.

Ultrasound is a form of sound or acoustic energy that can also produce waves with different intensities. It also uses a handheld device that generates heating, transmitting the energy to the skin tissues. It is focused on the areas that need it the most and can penetrate deeper layers or the second layers of muscles beneath the facial muscles.

What to expect during the ultrasound treatment?

First, skin is cleansed thoroughly. Then we apply a special carrier product on the skin as well as the product that we want to introduce into the skin (the active substance). The ultrasound headpiece has a metal part that is placed on the skin, then we adjust the setting of the machine and ask you to let us know when you start feeling a pleasant warm sensation coming from the device’s handpiece.

It is enough to glide it all over the skin, this creates vibrations that soften the epidermis, open the pores, and break down the dead epidermis, as well as remove all impurities and metabolic by-products. The skin regains its radiant appearance, it is moisturized, smooth, nourished, and lifted.

Ultrasounds have an effect not only on the epidermis but also the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating fibroblasts to increase the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, we get the effect of strong skin lifting.

It also improves cellular metabolism and blood circulation.

Ultrasound wave treatment- what results can be achieved?

When the ultrasound handpiece comes into contact with the skin, ultrasound waves are generated.

All the impurities, calloused skin, sebum, and blackheads are pushed to the outside.

Main cosmetic results:

  • Pores in the skin are cleansed
  • Ion exchange processes accelerated
  • Oxygenation of the epidermis
  • Stimulated Circulation
  • Increased ability to absorb active ingredients from creams and other special products
  • Evened out skin colour, spots and discolouration appear lighter
  • Cell renewal stimulation

How often should ultrasound treatment be done?

The effect of ultrasound is very beneficial on skin health.

The ultrasound facial should be performed once a month.

Ultrasound could be more effective when used together with special serums that contain active ingredients.

We highly recommend using additional serums, as that increases the effectiveness of the treatment by 100%. These products are pushed into the deeper skin layers, and because of that, they are far more effective than if they were just applied on the skin and massaged in.

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Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary.